25 Hour Learning Challenge Weeks 2&3

Well if anyone has ever told you that working out on your own is hard, well Im here to testify that that statement is true. Now I am not trying to set our a sob story here or “woe is me” but I am going to put it out there because I feel this blog writing is very liberating for me, especially because I keep mostly to myself. Its why I hesitate to get so personal on here. Anyway with the past two weeks I was debating whether or not to share my experience. Well here I am, finally being able to do share what I have learned with “I can do it all on my own” mentality and not relying on anyone for help, especially when offered. So when I first started I shared that I was very busy and found that I was able to do at least half an hour per day. These past two weeks was very overwhelming and even broke down and just started to get depressed because I thought this was working out for me.

One of my good friend “Tony” has been telling me to get out there with them and work out where there is support, of course being stubborn and shy I just told her I got it, Im fine working out on my own time and my own location thinking I can bring out the fighter in me. Well that turned out to be the absolute opposite. Not have anyone to resound your goals to and push you beyond your limit feels like I am working our in silence. Though yes I read online about the great coaches out there online to help you push you to your goal, I always felt its better if that person is right here next to you to lift you up and go. I am a single mom to a very active 3 year old, I have vast leadership positions in a the only trades school on island, have two online courses, and on top of that have to teach (lol) just makes my daily schedule challenging and knowing it will push me to manage time (still working on that) and being there for my little one.

So week two, half way through, I actually gave up. I stopped working out and just sticked to my meal replacements shakes and called it day. That was the case from Wednesday through Sunday, and just to have to report on it made it worst for me. So come Monday I have to slowly pick up and again telling myself I can’t do this. Then my dearest love chimed in saying if I am writing about it what will I say?? Lie? I could’ve but what good will that do? So I started my journey again and this time, 30 minutes a day and then gradually working my way to an hour. It was an ideal workout time, but who knew that working out for an hour would be so dramatic? hahahahaha.

Then week three came along and slowly getting the hang of it. I would have to post Post-It notes on my desk, reminders in my calendars and phone stating “Just 30 minutes…that’s it!” to help me stop what I am doing, get to working out and get back on track with working out. So following several coaches on Twitter and subscribing to various newsletter and fitness videos on YouTube sure helps me meet my goal from staying on track and don’t lose sight.

Here’s to week 4… *cheers*



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