“Change is an opportunity to do something amazing.”


 Where I am currently teaching, we’re old school. Some teachers, a small percentage, have opt out of teaching from the books and by the books. While the vast plenty have still used the good old books as the main and primary resource of their teaching instead of just a supporting resource. This is my second year of teaching in high school level, 6 in elementary and middle school, I have opt out of using books but using online resources to help me meet the objectives and goals of each day. Students are so use to the books that they ask “where are the books so they can get copy down the definition.” I told them I am not using any books, take notes, think of the concepts I am reinforcing in the classroom through my activities and such, and there I hope and pray they get it. Students are so use to having material memorized and be “compliant” and not risk takers makes them more stuck as the teacher is. Teachers need to model innovative thinking and practice to echo the message through out other colleagues and such. 

Couros states best that innovators embody the way of thinking as to what is best AND what is new! Not either or but both. The mentality has to be new and always changing for something better to improve. The best example was set in the beginning of chapter one whereas Blockbuster did not one to “get with the new” and start moving with technology, yet they were stuck in their mentality that people would have to travel far and long to deliver movies and turn in movies. Netflix offered to be bought but being “stubborn” and sticking to “old methods” Blockbuster lost out on an opportunity to be one of the greatest online movie providers. Like Cuoros states, if you’re not in with the new, you’ll soon die out. I love what chapter one states that technology is a resource not an outcome. We can change so much but if we’re not using it correctly we’re not progressing with the new, we’re just using technology as a very expensive book and pencil. We need to think new and better to improve in and out of the classroom.


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