Innovators Mindset IMMOOC Week 1 #EDCS480

Writing Prompt:

What do you see as the purpose of education?  Why might innovation be crucial in education?


After hearing the first broadcast I agree with what teachers are struggling to be and should be in a “structured educational facility” and how to improve it. The issue brought on my Dave Burgess as to “Teach like a Pirate” and his definition to what  a pirate means and his take on being that teacher that creates a buzz on our lesson plans. That is my goal every day, to create a buzz for my students, even if its a little one. I believe in a nutshell, that is the purpose of education. That our “buzz” will last a lifetime and have an application afterwards. I was really caught off guard when Couros stated that “Without innovation- organizations -including educational facilities (aka schools) – will cease to exist. The introduction has got me to think that students are able to access information without even the teacher telling me so. Students can access any information about anything and anyone and if the teacher is not on board, so to speak, she will be left behind or will cease to exist as Dan Brown brilliantly puts it.

I have to agree with Katie about being innovator, it doesn’t mean having the latest technology or high tech classroom. If we, educators, do not change ourselves with the on going way students are learning and what is out there for students to learn, we will be left behind and students will move on without us. There is change every day, its crucial because we have to present current information, methods, ideals, practices in various way. If we, as educators, stuck in the mentality of “I teach what I know or what’s in the book” students will be left curious as Couros states and our equipment in the classroom, will be a $1000 pencil. Meaning we got resources and yet we’re not capitalizing on our resources and sometimes we need to get out there and get our own. Just because we don’t have printers, we can be “innovative” and find ways to get students the message. So yes, being innovative is crucial in education


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