Learning Experiences

One of the most significant learning experience I have encountered is when I was in the teachers cohort for my bachelor’s degree with UH-Manoa. The summer courses we my favorite for the two years with this program. Interacting with your colleagues and seeking ways to improve in the classroom, teaching methods, and how to embrace the unique students we get every year, the instructors had hands-on, interactive, mind blowing and inspirational methods and lessons that helped me as well as my colleagues excel in the classroom. Dr. Zuercher, Dr. Skouge, and Dr. Yoshioka were the professors that stood out to me that made learning very meaningful. After 3 years I still remember their methods and the lessons learned as if it was yesterday. They’re class stood out to me and I always look forward to go to their class everyday during summer.

A poor learning experience was in middle school. I was in sixth grade to eight grade and I had two or three teachers that applied the same method of teaching. They would sit from their desks and dictate the lesson from there, or they would write pages on the board for us to read and answer questions to and the worst one was for a reading period, the teacher would have us complete countless number of workbook pages without any understanding of the skills to be obtained from it. All I know is that we’re suppose to complete it, whether or not we understood it, just complete it. I did not learn anything and have not gained anything from those crucial three years in middle school.

So when I started high school I knew and felt I was somewhat behind than my peers because maybe they had the best teachers to help them prepare for high school. And it was true because I barely can manage passing English class and Math was a blur to me until my senior year in high school. I was lucky to be inducted in to the National Honor Society but failed to maintain because I had poor study habits so my membership was suspended by my senior year. With that lesson I excelled in the last year in high school to make sure that I can do this. So with that I vowed when I became a teacher, I would never ever be that teacher. I would have my tired and downright lazy days, but never ever the sitting around and not letting my students learn and pushing my students to study and to love learning. Its my main motivation everyday to be the best teacher than I was yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Learning Experiences

  1. Aloha Rosalee,
    I was trying to comment on your improvement science project but I was having some technical difficulties… sorry! Anyway, I think your change idea is a great way to incorporate technology in the classroom and also using a feature that is student friendly- not only are students familiar with twitter, but they enjoy using it. I appreciate that you included the pros and cons list of using twitter/technology from one of your resources… I’m interested in following up with some of the sources you sited as technology in the classroom is definitely an area for improvement for me. I look forward to reading about how the action piece of your project goes! Mahalo for sharing and thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


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