Final Reflection #edcs480

What are your takeaways from this semester?  What will you do as a result?  How will you continue to learn and grow and an educator?

From the beginning of this semester I was hesitant at all the projects and assignments we had to do but later later on towards the end of each assignments I realized what an impact it has had because I started to implement some of the skills in the classroom. My 25 hours challenge helped me be in right mind frame to be physically fit to the improvement science project. The ISP project helped a lot and continue to do so in the classroom.

I learned that I have to be willing to be open up to the changes that helping the education move instead of being stuck at my own pace. I need to get with the times and move my students along if I want great results in learning at a great degree of knowledge.

Everyday I have to read and research, collaborate and constantly peer review to be updated and see what is one way one can learn maybe can help the other. This Christmas break I will be attending, virtually, an online conference on Ditch the Textbook by Matt Miller @jmattmiller to help me learn more and grow all thanks to this class and Twitter.

So I have learned a lot and forever grateful for the skills I’ve picked up from this class.


Thanks Dr. Katie.


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