All About Me

I love how life just gives you so much hurdles in the beginning that you have learned to be patient and waiting for them to occur and when they do, you smile and say “Oh yeah”!

That is pretty much a summary of who I am and what I am and still going through. Teaching is my passion, it wasn’t early on but when you have had several “aha moments” with your students, you knew that this was for you, it is for me.

My name is Rosalee Osana Tela Shoulders. My biological father is African American and grew up not knowing him until I was 16. My parents were married but divorced before my sister and I knew him. My mother and my grandparents raised us in American Samoa. A small teeny tiny dot on the world map. Everyone has heard of Samoans but no one really knows where it is, unless you’re near the Pacific.

I’ve been in a teacher for 7 years now and I get excited to start a new journey every year with a different set of students. This is my second year in high school teaching American History and American Government to juniors and seniors…. and I love it.

I am single mom to my dearest NikitaRose, who’s not so dear now because she’s in her terrible threes! hahahaha. Anyhow, she still brightens my day coming home from work and challenges me to be the best mom, teacher and person every day.

That’s me…Rosalee.