Improvement Science #EDCS480

Improvement Science Part I:


How to improve formative assessment using technology? Better yet, Twitter? Just reading and know that obtaining what my students need help the most when they do not speak up during Q&A, then come assessments, they get poor results. How can I reassure myself that I am reaching all the students?  Teach Thought has blogged the top 10 assessments that would help students and myself within 90 minutes than integrating it with Twitter using no more than 140 characters screams PERFECT to me. I can utilize technology integration I can succeed in gaining students interest to interact and socialize within time and limited talking space. Students would have to draft ideas and then post their “Tweet” before their next class to get credit.

An article titled “What Is Successful Technology Integration?” by Edutopia shares how teachers can integrate technology successfully and consistently. One of my goals is to gain students interest in sharing their end-result of what they’ve learned through summative assessment and “tweeting” about it. In the article it shared that if done effectively and consistently students and teachers will be able to gain “1) methods of collecting/recording data, 2)Ways to collaborate with students, teachers, and experts around the world, 3)Opportunities for expressing understanding via multimedia and 4) Learning that is relevant and assessment that is authentic.

I decided to use Twitter because it is the fastest and simplest way to get student to interact and post. In Mr. Korbs Blog on the pros and cons on Twitter, he highlighted the following from findings he got from Grosseck and Holotescu’s research from their paper “Can we use Twitter for Educational Activities?” 2008 that helped in formed the following conclusions. Therefore, I am challenging myself to use Twitter effectively and consistently to help students and I in the classroom to gather effective data on how we’re doing in the class. screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-6-41-56-pm



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