Improvement Science Plan Part 2 #EDCS480

What are the big ideas:

After much contemplation and assessment with students I decided to PLAN my project of improvement in the classroom. In our critical groups it was suggested that to get more students to open up is when they feel their voice is anonymous, especially the quiet ones. So my critical friends suggested using Padlet so help me to get my students more engaged in my lesson, especially to see what ways I can reach them to achieve each objective of the day through summative assessment. Increasing Student Participation by The Teaching Center states that “Ideally, the goal of increasing participation is not to have every student participate in the same way or at the same rate. Instead, it is to create an environment in which all participants have the opportunity to learn and in which the class explores issues and ideas in depth, from a variety of viewpoints. Some students will raise their voices more than others; this variation is a result of differences in learning preferences as well as differences in personalities.” Therefore using technology to have students voice their opinions and share their ideas so they are more comfortable and be more willing to engage in the lesson than to be be on the spot with raising their hands or letting their voices be heard. Some students react more with sharing anonymously, hence using Padlet.

Using Technology for Formative and Summative Assessment shared how research backs up the notion of using technology to analyze student assessment. The presentation shared a research done by (Zakrzewski & Bull, 1999) “Formative assessments should be designed to engage student attention, enhance learning effectiveness, and have students become committed to self evaluation. It is a proven fact that web based formative assessments improve student learning and their interest in their scores. This type of formative assessment allows them to assess their own progress and understanding. Some examples of the use of technology in formative assessments are, online quizzes, Smartboard applications, clicker systems, online polls, twitter or Facebook questions, and many more. Below is an image I found that had many different programs teachers are using for formative assessments.” Therefore I have given students pre-assessment on how they prefer teachers using technology in the classroom to help them learn more in the classroom and how to achieve their participation more with more meaningful technology integration.

As teachers, we know that we do not receive all one learner types of students in our classroom. It comes in vast different types, so we try our best as teachers to make sure that we meet their needs to learn best in the classroom and help our students achieve. Through this change idea I have decided to integrate using students mobile devices such as Ipads, Smartphones, and my three iMacs to assist students using technology in the classroom. My classroom does not have the luxury of being fully supplied with technology but I will allow my students to use their devices a long with my three iMacs to best assist students meet their needs. This also helps differentiate instruction in classroom and would allow students to be more active and tap into other students creativeness. In one video by Edutopia that shows how Forest Lake Elementary implements differentiate instruction by using technology. One of the teachers Mr. Kevin Durnham commented on one of his student that created a comic strip on a bearded dragon, stating that one student would not be able to complete the task if he was to write a 3 paragraph on a bearded dragon.  We know that our students are more tech savvy and its best to use those skills for learning. So my change idea is to get more engagement to improve summative learning using Padlet reflection.

Questions I have:

Will Padlet improve my students interaction?

Will students take advantage of using their devices in classroom?

Will student engagment improve?


Students are completing their Teacher of the Day reflections on Padlet and we’ll discuss their feelings on going online to share to everyone and reflect and reading what others have to say about being a teacher of the day.